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Central Systems - XP Media Center Audio/Video/Digital/Computer/Network Interface 

XP Media Center network your audio, video, cable, satellite, photos and multi-media applications.

"Connect to everything" with an easy graphic user interface that connects you everything"  

Central Systems introduces MEDIA CENTER control systems.

With all the power and functionality of Windows XP, plus new features that let you watch and record TV, manage your music, play DVDs, and more, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 gives you a remarkable new way to experience digital media in your home.

Media Center puts you in control and gives you the remote to your world. 

Windows XP Media Center is built on MicroSoft's easy to use computer interface look and feel, to control everything you do with audio, video, photos and and digital media. It evolves home media and home computing by bringing the power and easy of setting up custom menus to give access to everything digital you use. You can connect using either network cabling or wireless networks or both. You can include the Internet which opens up the ability to purchase and download music or movies, upload photos or any other file; send and receive emails while watching TV, and more. The windows features you are used to at your computer work station now include TV, DVD, satellite, radio, Internet, network   Because   the easy to 

See for yourself how Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 evolves the home PC so the digital entertainment you want is at your command, right on your TV, monitor, PDA, or remote control.

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