Structured Cable Control Centers

Structured Cable Control Centers allow for an easy to get to and convenient location to set-up, configure, modified and control the separate systems in a home. Easy to use and understand control panels can be physically installed in any location in the home, or designed and programmed to work into a wireless PDA style remote control. With a few click through the menus, you can access and control any system in the home. These control centers can also be accessed via the Internet or telephone line and controlled or monitored literally from anywhere in the world.

Audio Systems -
Home Theater, Integrated, Distributed, Whole House Audio Systems
Home Automation -
Custom Control for lighting, Windows,
Digital Satellite / Cable TV / Antenna / Video Systems -
DSS Digital Satellite, Cable TV, Antenna and Video Systems
Telephone / Intercom / Communication Systems -
Telephone, Intercom and Communications Systems
Security / CCTV & Camera Systems -
Security, CCTV, Camera Systems
Custom Lighting & Control Systems -
Custom Lighting & Control Systems
Sprinkler & Water Control Systems -
Sprinkler Systems, Water Fall and Swimming Pool Systems
Computer / Network / Internet Systems -
Internet, Computer, Printer & Network Systems

Sample Home Control Touch Screen Demo