• Selective Intercom w/ optional music distribution
  • Up to 20 remote stations and 3 door stations
  • Easy to connect, 6-wire system
  • Master unit installs in out-of-the-way place
  • Private communication between 2 stations
  • Listen-in (monitor) baby's room, sick relative, etc.
  • Private button prevents unwanted calling or monitoring
  • Hands-free answering at all stations


Nutone's IM-5000 Intercom System (our stock number T543) is a selective call intercom system. The system supports up to 20 intercom stations and 3 door stations. Each intercom station can selectively call any other intercom station in the system, allowing for private, two-way conversations. Each station can also communicate with all the indoor stations simultaneously using the "all call" button. A privacy button is included on each station. This allows for disabling of the all-call feature in certain rooms (baby's room). The privacy button also disables the listening-in feature, ideal for guest rooms.

There is an auxiliary input on the T543 master station to connect one audio device to the intercom system. Background music can then be heard at each station. The background music level can be individually adjusted at each intercom station.

Dimensions of the T543 are 8"W x 12 1/2"H, 3 1/2"D, surface mount.

The T551 power supply connects to the T543 and is the power source for an entire intercom system.

T543 - Nutone IM-5000 Master station  $439.00   Qty: 

T551 - Nutone 401T power supply  $16.00   Qty: 


Nutone sub stations - click to enlarge

Sub Stations
The sub stations can selectively call any other intercom in the system by simply dialing that stations extensions. The sub stations can also be used to monitor other rooms, answer the door, and do an all-call throughout the system. A privacy button on each station disables the all-call from being received at that particular station as well as disabling other's ability to listen-in at that station.

The sub stations designed for indoor use are available with an 8" or 5" speaker. The sub station with 8" speaker is commonly used in large and/or noisy rooms. The outdoor sub station is available with the 5" speaker only. for inside speakers.

The intercoms are designed to be flush mounted into back boxes, available below.

Dimensions of the sub station with 8" speaker are 10 1/8"W, 11 1/2"H, 2 15/16"D - of which 13/16" projects from wall.

Dimensions of the sub stations with 5" speaker are 6 1/4"W, 8 1/4"H, 2 1/8"D - of which 1" projects from wall.


T544-1 - IS-518WH Sub station, 8" speaker, indoor, white finish  $209.00   Qty: 

T545-1 - IS-515WH Sub station, 5" speaker, indoor, white finish  $156.00   Qty: 

T545-2 - IS-515L Sub station, 5" speaker, indoor, biscuit finish  $156.00   Qty: 

T546-1 - IS-519L Sub station, 5" speaker, outdoor, biscuit finish  $156.00   Qty: 

T453 - IR-80 Back box for 8" sub stations  $10.00   Qty: 

T441 - IR-50 Back Box for 5" sub stations  $8.00   Qty: 


Nutone door stations Door Station
Three door stations to choose from - available in polished brass, antique brass, and white. All of the door stations have a lighted doorbell button and are weather resistant for outdoor use. Designed to be flush mounted, the door stations are mounted into a proprietary back box, available below.

The door stations can be wired to your existing door chime (ding dong) or the optional T445 door chime can be added to the intercom system and the master and sub stations will ring. To respond after someone has pressed the doorbell button simply press the "door talk": button for a hands-free two-way conversation.

T443-1 - IS-69PB Door station, polished brass finish  $39.00   Qty: 

T443-2 - IS-69AB Door station, antique brass finish  $39.00   Qty: 

T443-3 - IS-69WH Door station, white finish  $39.00   Qty: 

T442 - Back Box for above door stations.  $8.00   Qty: 

Nutone intercom wire
Intercom Wire
The T456 and T457 6-conductor ribbon wires are used to connect sub stations to the master station.
The T449 and T450 2-conductor ribbon wires are to connect the door stations.

T456 - IW-6-200UL 6-conductor, 200'  $79.00   Qty: 

T457 - IW-6-1000UL 6-conductor, 1000'  $375.00   Qty: 

T449 - IW-2-100UL 2-conductor, 100'  $29.00   Qty: 

T450 - IW-2-500UL 2-conductor, 500'  $140.00   Qty: