BlackHawk Power Brush / Accessory Kit

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BlackHawk Kit (part #420)
(also available with 8' cord)
BlackHawk alone (part #465)

> BlackHawk Electric Brush
> 30' Electric Hose,
     crushproof, swivel, direct
     connect or cord style.
> 4-piece tool set:
Upholstery tool with brush strip
Deluxe dusting brush
10" floor brush w/ swivel head
Crevice Tool
> 2 chrome wands
> Deluxe nylon cloth tool caddy
> PVC vacuum hose hanger

You have the premier predator at your command, attacking the deep down dirt and carpet filth that you can't even see. Now you can have all the power of an electric powered vacuum head for the price of an air driven brush. Let the BlackHawk work for you by keeping a watchful eye over the health of your home.

Only BlackHawk can see its prey hidden under the fibers of your carpet, swoop down, snatch it away, and deposit it silently in its place.

Stealth Powerbrush

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  • Ultra quiet operation with balanced 12" brush, rotating at 6000 rpm
  • Lightweight, low profile, 180-degree swivel neck all add up to easy of use in tight places
  • Sculpted brushroll enhances cleaning performance by providing agitation to carpet surface
  • 80 individual tufted bristles for deep cleaning
  • Aggressive carpet cleaning yet gentle enough for use on expensive flooring
  • Belt position allows for 3mm of edge cleaning on both sides
  • Soft wrap-around furniture guard
  • Four easy roll wheels
  • Stall ,urrent is 4 amps;
    No Load is 1.3 amps;
    Average Wattage is 240 watts;
    Noise level is 72 dB


M.D. Manufacturing has been bringing you the best available central vacuum systems and accessories for forty years. The new BlackHawk power brush is the latest in their long line of quality cleaning tools that make your life easier. And BlackHawk is the most affordable power brush ever!

Maximize the life-span of your carpet
BlackHawk powerfully deep cleans your carpet like no air-driven brush can. It's the deep down grit, under the base of your carpet, that grinds at the fibers causing wear and tear, and costing you money. Carpet is one of the most expensive things to replace in your home, so protect it with the BlackHawk.

Quiet, quick, convenient
With a lightweight design and ultra quiet motor, the BlackHawk brush makes cleaning your home easier than ever. The BlackHawk can follow its prey wherever it hides, turn on a dime, and move effortlessly between all obstacles to make the catch. Clean between couches and chairs, on stairs, hardwood floors -- the BlackHawk is among the easiest to use power brushes ever made by M.D. Manufacturing.

Quality that lasts a lifetime
Built with top quality components to the exacting standards of M.D. Manufacturing, the entire BlackHawk package will be cleaning and protecting your home for many years to come. Merging the latest technology with 40 years of experience in central vacuum accessories, M.D. Manufacturing has done it again -- this time at a price that anyone can afford.

The BlackHawk hose and tool set makes the most of your central vacuum system. Power, efficiency, flexibility and reliability make The BlackHawk power brush the greatest of a new generation of predators. Dirt doesn't stand a chance.

Kit Information and Comparisons