Why is Central Systems your best Central Vacuum choice? 

What Makes Central Systems Vacuums Better?  

There are a lot of things that make a Central Systems Vacuum an excellent investment for your home. From the vacuum brush all the way to the motor, we think we have the best design and the most cost-effective central vacuum system on the market. Let us show you step by step why we think our central vacuum systems are  the best in the industry.

Electric Vacuum Brush
The part of the central vacuum system you will spend the most time with is your power brush, while you're cleaning your carpets. The best brush for today's home is an electric brush. An electric brush opens up space between the carpet fibers, maximizes airflow rushing past those open fibers, and has a bristle action removing any particles or threads clinging to them. The central vacuum industry has recognized the Stealth Electric Power Brush as the best power brush on the market and an important reason we believe our central vacuum system is better than the rest.

Airflow Dynamics
It's not enough to just have the best brush. To achieve maximum performance out of the electric power brush, you must maximize the airflow dynamics of the system. That means the connection of the brush to the wall inlet must be designed at an optimal diameter for maximum suction power. A four-inlet system with approximately 80 feet of 2" pipe to the motor and a 30-foot x 1 3/8" hose on the carpet will produce its effective performance at the 1 1/8" air opening size in the power brush. While most manufacturers ignore this law of airflow and only offer units with high water-lift statistics, Central Systems central vacuums specifically designed the S2, S5, B2, M32 and G23 for peaked performance at the 1 1/8" opening size for maximum airflow.

Motor Configuration
The next step in ensuring maximum benefit from your central vacuum system is using the proper motor. Maximum airflow dynamics is achieved with two motors operating in parallel, not in series and cannot be achieved with a single motor. Due to the expense of the motors, most two motor units are made from 5.7" motors as opposed to the larger 7.2" motors. Single motor systems peak their performance at a 3/4" to 7/8" opening and have lost almost half their power at the larger 1 1/8" opening. That's why we design our entire system to take advantage of maximum performance specifications in every component. Read MD's Vacuumology article for a clear understanding of airflow dynamics.

Also, because our central vacuum system power units were designed to mount the motors on the bottom, we have the coolest running motors. Power units with the motor located on the top pull in cooling air from the highest, hottest point of the room. Our cooling intake on the bottom provides the lowest, coolest air. All of this adds up to greater longevity of the power unit.

Air Filtration
Central Systems Vacuums use the most extensive filtration system to protect the motors. An inherent limitation in competitors cyclonic systems exists in that the motors should not have ANY dust going into the impellers! Please take a moment to review our Filtration Analysis to see how we filter without having serious suction loss. Our paper filters are the largest in the industry, have the highest air-permeability rating, and the lowest initial pressure loss. As a side benefit of this filtration, our units do not need to be vented outside in most applications.

Added Extras
Add to all these benefits the fact that our SilentMaster® units -

  • have a patented noise suppression system that puts it below normal conversation levels.
  • contain only the finest Basler transformer, Honeywell relay, and Ametek motors. (All USA made). We do not use small components on a circuit board.
  • feel so much stronger! That's because it's made of 18-gauge steel compared to most vacs using 20 or 22 gauges.
  • are powder-coated inside and out to insure decades of use.
  • are the easiest to mount on the wall, and
  • are the only to offer both left and right entry of the debris.

To back up our claims, we provide a 6-year warranty on all electrical components. Don't be fooled by "Lifetime Warranties." Read the fine print (if findable). Make sure it covers wear and tear!

Our technical support is "par excellance." No other company offers you the technical education on each and every facet of the industry. Our website alone, at over 400 pages, addresses more issues than any other vacuum company in the world. Also, because of our exclusive distribution policies, we have retained the best installers of central vacuums in more than 40 countries.

Now that you are armed with the important facts, we hope you will agree that Central Systems central vacuum products will clean your home better than any other vacuum out there. We welcome any comparison!



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