Future Logic Bundled Cable

A Comprehensive Overview of Cable Construction
Belden Wire & Cable (Belden) continues to stay ahead of the competition by manufacturing the finest cables available for both home and industry. FutureLogic™ Plus, sold exclusively by Signature Wire and manufactured by Belden, consists of two (2) RG 6 Quad shielded coaxes, two (2) 350 MHz category 5 cables and two (2) multi mode glass fibers (62.5/125).

Belden's goal for the RG 6 coaxes in the FutureLogic™ bundle is to achieve wide bandwidth, extremely low loss over various distances, high reliability, and maximum shielding. Loss factors are directly related to the specific resistance of the conductive material used for the application. For example, silver is the best conductor in the world where as nickel is the worst. Although copper is one of the finest conductors available, solid copper is too soft for standard F connector applications. Belden takes high grade copper and plates it to a steel center conductor. This offers the high strength of steel for F connector applications and the wide bandwidth of copper needed for the hard to attain high frequency RF and digital applications. The natural tendency of high frequencies is to travel on the outer skin of the conductor, "skin effect". The higher the frequency, the closer to the skin the signal travels. This phenomena allows the RG 6 quad cables in all of the FutureLogic™ bundles to achieve a low 6db loss @ 2 GHz over 100 feet. At these frequencies, the copper is the main conductive carrier, which maintains consistency throughout its bandwidth. Add four independent shields to protect the information from any EMI ingress and you have RG 6 designed for numerous applications.

Technological advancements continue at 3 times the current rate. The demand for more information through these wire harnesses never seems to end. Conventional low voltage wiring formats for home and industry (security, category 1, 2, 3 telephone, etc.), usually analog, will soon be replaced by the more versatile digital standard IEEE1394 (Firewire). Signature Wire and Belden are continually updated on industry changes through our engineering and research teams, for the latest innovations in technological enhancements for the home. When Firewire was first introduced the speed requirements had ratings of 100 and 200 MHz. With the new 1394B rating, these bandwidths have increased to better than 3.2 GHz. A major reason for increased transmission speed is to give more support to isosynchronous data. Asynchronous data guarantees to get to its destination correctly, but experiences time delays in the process. Unlike asynchronous, isosynchronous must be able to send data in real time. One example of this is high frequency HDTV video (20 Mbps). In Fact, the 1394 interface has become a DTV standard for CEMA!

To continue to offer the kind of speed that Firewire will demand in the future, Signature Wire includes fiber optic cable within the FutureLogic™ bundle. Although there are different types of fiber optical cable available for Firewire, Signature Wire has incorporated the highest bandwidth fiber optic cable available, multi mode fiberglass (MMF), within its FutureLogicPlus™ bundle.

Offering this wide range of parameters on copper, in the form of coax or category 5 and glass fibers allows for a secure and expandable interface for the future. For more information on 1394, please review the following websites:

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