Central Vacuum System Comparison

Central Vacuum System Manufactures

As you may be discovering, there are several central vacuum systems and central vacuum system manufactures that you should research prior to making a buying decision.

Education is a key. Below is a comprehensive list of central vacuum systems and central vacuum systems manufactures. I recommend you click through and make a study of as many central vacuum systems as you have time for, and to get a FULL understanding of the various types of central vacuum systems that are available.

Please note , these are links to the central vacuum system manufactures web pages; and believe it or not, each one claims to be the best. My experience, growing up with central vacuums, and my thirty plus years experience in central vacuum service and installation, has given me a distinctive advantage in the central vacuum field.

I am organizing a comparison table of central vacuum systems, and a series of articles comparing a variety of brands available HERE.

Please take an extensive look through the following list of the central vacuum systems manufacture' s web sites and then email or call me when you are finished with any questions you may have. I will be happy to discuss which central vacuum system is right for your needs.

Thank You, Val Westergard, Central Systems Boise Idaho

Central Vacuum Manufactures List
AirVac Aqua Air Beam
Central Vac International Electrolux now Aerus Filtex
Hayden Hoover LindHaus

Modern Day *

Air Flow, Air Force, Cart Master, Flow Master, Modern Day, Silent Master

M & S Central Vacs
Stealth Power Heads Smart Central Vacs   Vacuflo

Lindsay Manufacturing

Vacu-Maid, Astro-Vac, Silent Partner

VacuMaid1 VacuQueen  

We also carry most central vacuum bags, filters, parts and accessories; and repair, service and rebuild most central vacuum systems. Give us a call at 208-323-2700.

Why a central vacuum?

Central Vacuum Terminology

(data associated with central vacuum cleaning systems)

C.F.M. - Cubic feet of air displaced per minute by a vacuum. This measurement is usually expressed at a 2 opening (standard pipe size used in vacuum rough-in).

WATERLIFT - The distance measured in inches that a vacuum motor will lift a column of water up a tube (2 unless otherwise stated). Always rated at standard atmospheric conditions of 29.92 of Hg (mercury), 68 degrees Fahrenheit and usually expressed at a seal opening.

AMPERES - The rate of electron flow through a conductor, usually calculated at 110 VAC.

WATTS - The measure of electrical power, calculated by multiplying the voltage by the current (Amperes).

AIRWATTS - (The only industrial wide standard of measuring a units' power) C.F.M. at a given opening (2 unless otherwise stated) times "Waterlift" at the same opening size divided by 8.5. Usually express at maximum levels.

TOP MOUNT WITH INVERTED CLOTH FILTER - Recommended outside venting. Filter requires shaking in order to clean it, depositing dust on the floor beneath during cleaning.

Requires outside venting. Deposits debris on outside walls, plants, etc. Screen requires monthly cleaning. Five to seven percent of dust and lint enters fan chamber, reducing motor life.

BOTTOM MOUNT WITH PAPER, CLOTH, MESH, AND FOAM FILTERS - Exhaust clean air (air filtered before exiting unit). No outside venting necessary. Extended motor life. Easy change of collection bag. Reusable cloth, mesh, and foam filters. Slight power loss as collection bag fills.

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